Being Professional AROUND The Workplace


We all know that we should be professional IN the workplace. At Pin & Pivot, that is truly the crux of our mission. And we love to share the tools and tips to becoming more professional in the workplace.

However, one thing we sometimes forget about is being professional AROUND the workplace. Around the workplace starts the first step you take outside of the door. The places that are close to your workplace, where you feel freedom from being an employee, but are still close enough that you can have encounters with colleagues.

It is a novel concept and is not discussed very frequently. Yet, it is incredibly worthy of reading the next 418 words.

In order to better explain what we are talking about, here are some gut-wrenching examples of what NOT to do around the workplace:

  1. Driving like an id**t within the parking lot your workplace. Or in the 5 mile perimeter around your workplace. We shouldn’t drive like a j*rk at all, but if you must, can we please refrain from driving recklessly in the parking lot where you park next to your colleagues? Can we stop from driving so fast and scaring the bejeezies out of your boss when you whiz past them trying to make it to your 8:00 a.m. meeting? Or imagine this scenario: You cut someone off about a mile from your work. You didn’t mean to do it, but you did. That person is your current boss. Or the CEO. Or someone that reports to you. Or your current boss. Or the one that will report to you in your next promotion. 

Can we agree that the person you cut off or nearly ran over in the parking won’t soon forget that scenario? 

Or how about this fun one?

  1. Gossiping at the restaurant next door to your workplace. We shouldn’t gossip at all, but if you must, can we please refrain from gossiping where all of (or some of) your colleagues go to eat? Imagine this scenario: You and your best work pal are having lunch or cocktails at a restaurant near your work. You are not on work premises, so you feel like you can just let loose with your complaints/gossip about your boss and colleagues. So, you just lay it all out there. No filter. Possibly not even a hushed tone. And then you see the person leave from the booth behind you. It is another colleague. Or your boss. YIKES! 

Can we agree that the person that heard you gossiping won’t soon forget that scenario? And can we agree that the person that heard you gossiping might very well share the information they heard from their booth?

Again, not to be a broken record or a goody-two-shoes, but can we please just not act like a j*rk at all? But if you must (again, please refrain), PLEASE do not do it in the vicinity of your workplace. It can taint your reputations in ways you won’t be able to even comprehend. It may burn little bridges you didn’t know you were building. 

Be kind. Work hard. Try not to be rude – especially near your workplace! It can save your career.