Make Work Fun!


Can we be totally honest with each other? Work days in a cube (or in an office) can get a bit bland. Dare I say boring? Let’s liven it up a bit! Here are some easy, inexpensive ways to connect with your colleagues, improve your company culture and have some fun!!! 

  • Donuts.  Bring in donuts.  Seriously.  People will love you.  At least I would love you.
  • Potluck.  Have a potluck.  Maybe ask everyone to bring something that starts with a certain letter.  (We would love to hear what letter brings the best types of food!)  Ask people to leave copies of their recipes.  What a great way to connect with people other than over a stressful matter that is lingering at your computer!
  • Food drive.    Have a food drive.  Ask people bring in non-perishables and donate them to a local food bank.  At lunch, you could take a field trip to the local food bank.  It is an easy way to help others, while strengthening as a team.
  • Lunch n’ craft.  Do a craft at lunch.  Every season someone could host a different craft.  Something easy.  Pinterest has one gazillion ideas!
  • Netflix lunch.  Order some pizza and get a group to watch one show a week during the lunch hour.  Try The Office – or Parks and Rec – those shows could bring some real (or reel!!) laughs to the office. 

(Can you tell I think about food a lot?)

  • Traveling gratitude board.  Get a small chalkboard or whiteboard.  Each week, keep it at someone’s desk and anonymously have their colleagues write what they are grateful for about that person.  Then take a picture and have it printed for that person.  What a cool reminder of what people appreciate about you! 
  • Drawing contest.  Put up chalkboard or whiteboard – and have a drawing contest.  You could put the rules on the edge of the board and have a vote on it.  (And let’s keep this clean, people!!!)
  • Holiday Celebrations.  How about a pumpkin carving party?  Or a gourd painting party (in case you don’t want pumpkin guts stinking up the office)?  How about a holiday card writing party (everyone brings in their cards and stamps and use a conference room during lunch while listening to holiday music)?
  • Balloons.  Balloons are magical things.  Just buy some and put them on someone’s cube or in someone’s office for doing a great job.  Magical.
  • Scavenger Hunt.  Have a quick scavenger hunt to ask for office supplies or company historical information.  Can you imagine how fun that would be?!?!  The options are endless! 
  • Legos or Playdoh.  Bring some to your next meeting.  Some people are tactile people who need something to do with their hands.  It could really engage people who are typically on their phone instead. 
  • Donuts.  Did I mention donuts?

For some of these activities, please make sure you check with your supervisor or the HR department to make sure it wouldn’t disrupt the flow of business.  Use your best judgement on when to involve them.  The more transparent you are with them, the better reception you are likely to get from them! 

And have fun!!!   

What ideas do you have for bringing some ((clean)) fun to the office?  We would love to hear from you!